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Automatic secondary packaging machine

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Automatic secondary packaging machine

detailed description:

The full-automatic secondary packaging machine is mainly used to complete the full-automatic packaging process of orderly loading the packaged small bag products (150 ~ 1000g) into the woven bag and sewing the bag for output according to the requirements (arrangement form: single warehouse, multiple columns). Thus, the fully automatic operation from small packaging of bulk materials to woven bag packaging is realized, which saves the investment of human, material and financial resources, reduces the production cost for customers, and improves the production efficiency. The unit is widely used for powder and particle packaging such as washing powder, salt, seeds, milk powder, etc., and is the recommended equipment for major companies to realize full automation of packaging.

The equipment mainly includes: double-layer inclined conveyor, high-speed conveyor, counting and packing machine, woven bag automatic packaging machine, sewing machine, product conveyor, etc.

Production process: small bag product → horizontal conveyor → double-layer inclined conveyor → high-speed conveyor → counting and packing machine → woven bag full-automatic packaging machine → sewing machine → woven bag product output.

The unit has the following advantages:

1. the full-automatic packaging machine for woven bags can realize automatic bag loading, bag opening, counting, filling, mobile output, and automatic bag sewing. Realize unmanned packaging process.

2. the unit is controlled by touch screen, which is very convenient, safe and reliable for operation, specification switching and maintenance.

3. multiple permutations can be realized to meet customers' needs.

Main technical parameters:

1. applicable packaging range of the unit: 150g ~ 1000g bagged products;

2. packaging materials: paper bags, woven bags (coating);

3. packaging speed: 4-14 bags / min for large bags, 40-90 bags / min for small bags; The packaging speed varies according to the product;

4. the arrangement form is: single bin blanking and single column horizontal placement;

5. compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa, maximum air consumption 0.8 m3/min;

6. power supply: 5kW 380V ± 10% 50Hz;