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Bag feeding automatic granule packing unit

Equipment introduction:

The bag feeding automatic particle packaging unit is composed of a bag feeding filling and packaging machine and an automatic weighing machine. The machine integrates automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic bag loading

Automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic date printing, automatic counting and anti-counterfeiting. It can be upgraded to a fully automatic unmanned assembly line of small bags, large bags and cartons, which is fully controlled by the touch screen

The system has better man-machine relationship and convenient operation.

Equipment advantages:

Mechanical transmission - more stable operation, imported photoelectric - more accurate positioning, high-quality module sensor - more stable measurement, full PLC touch screen - more convenient operation

Packaging materials:

The bag feeding automatic granule packing unit is especially suitable for weighing granular materials, such as dumplings, dumplings, quick-frozen food, rice, chicken feet, beef pieces, fried goods, puffed food, nuts and other granular materials.

Measuring range: 100-2500 G

Bag making form: three side sealed bag, four side sealed bag, self-supporting bag, zipper bag and special-shaped bag

Bag length (length x width): (160-230) × (160-350)

Speed: 35-40 packets / minute

Accuracy: ± 2 ‰

Sealing method: primary and secondary sealing

Power supply: 6.5kw three-phase 380V 50Hz