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Chemical superfine powder packaging machine

The chemical ultra-fine powder packaging machine is a new type of packaging machine developed for chemical ultra-fine powder materials by using the feed bag packaging. The unit has the functions of automatic bag feeding, bag loading, filling, sealing and bag delivery. At the same time, it can work with various materials and equipment to realize the operation of large-scale unmanned packaging production line.

Technical parameters (slightly different due to different materials)

Packaging materials: woven bags (coating), kraft paper bags, composite film plastic bags (film thickness greater than 0.18mm)

Package size: 700-1100mm long and 480-650mm wide

Package weight: 25-50kg/ bag

Packing speed: 3-8 packs / minute

Measurement accuracy: ± 50g

Sealing method: 1 Woven bag: hem / seam

2. kraft paper bag: heat sealing / thread sewing

3. composite film plastic bag: heat sealing