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Yx5000 Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

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Yx5000 Automatic Granule Packaging Machine

Equipment introduction:

Yx5000 automatic particle packaging unit is composed of a vertical bag making and filling packaging machine, an automatic weighing machine and a set of platforms. The machine integrates automatic feeding, automatic weighing, automatic bag making

Automatic filling, automatic sealing, automatic date printing, automatic counting and anti-counterfeiting. It can be upgraded to a fully automatic unmanned assembly line of small bags, large bags and cartons, which is fully controlled by the touch screen

The system has better man-machine relationship and convenient operation.

Equipment advantages:

Dual private server film pulling - film pulling is more stable, imported color code photoelectric - positioning is more accurate, high-quality module sensor - metering is more stable, and the full PLC touch screen - operation is more convenient.

Packaging materials:

The automatic granule packaging unit is especially suitable for weighing and packaging granular materials, such as small food, rice, rice, corn, peanut, potassium sorbate and other granular materials.

Equipment parameters:

Measuring range: 3-1000g

Bag making form: back sealed pillow bag or corner bag

Bag length (length x width): (80-290) × (60-200)

Speed: 25-50 packets / minute

Accuracy: ± 0.5-1g

Maximum packing material: φ 400 mm

Power supply: 5.5kW three-phase 380V 50Hz