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Yx500n2 automatic vacuum packaging unit

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Yx500n2 automatic vacuum packaging unit

Product introduction:

Yx500n2 automatic vacuum packaging unit integrates DT5 induced tipping bucket elevator, cjs2000f four position computer scale, vfs5000fs vertical filling and packaging unit, zb500n2 internal pumping vacuum unit and finished product conveyor. The finished products with different dimensions can be made according to different materials. It has the characteristics of fast packaging, good sealing effect, long sealing time and beautiful appearance. The vacuum degree of the product is relatively good due to the internal pumping of the unit. It is widely used in vacuum packaging in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

Technical parameters:

Machine model: yx500n2

Packing speed: 35~40 packets / minute

Bag making size: maximum bag width 300mm

Boundary dimension: 6000x2200x3200 (mm)