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About Zengran

About Zengran

anhui zengran packaging technology co ltd. - is a large enterprise group specializing in the R & D, manufacturing and sales of packaging machinery in China. Focus on packaging machinery for more than 20 years.

Anhui zengran was founded in 1995. The headquarters of the group is located in Hefei, a science and Education City in China, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation conditions. The company has six professional business divisions: vertical packaging machine business division; Bag feeding and packaging machine division; Weighing machine division; Powder packaging machine division; Testing machinery division; Vacuum packaging machine division. Anhui Yuanhong Machinery Automation Co., Ltd. has two professional divisions: secondary packaging machine division and heavy bag packaging machine division.

The group's R & D center has a machinery manufacturing R & D team of more than 100 people. It is an enterprise that put forward the concept of full automation of packaging earlier in China. With its strong economic strength, years of R & D experience, good business philosophy and brand service, it is more and more respected and trusted by customers all over the world.

Since its establishment, it has been rated as one of the top ten packaging machinery enterprises in China, a national high-tech enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province, an innovative enterprise in Anhui Province, an industrial design center in Anhui Province, and a demonstration enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization in Anhui Province. Hefei innovative enterprise, Hefei advanced unit, Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center, Hefei tax paying class a enterprise, etc. Successively obtained CE certification, 9001 certification, production license certification of measuring instruments, production license certification of civil explosive products and other certificates. In 2010, Anhui Zhengyuan was approved by the Department of science and technology of Anhui Province to establish Anhui mechanical engineering technology research center.

After years of development, there are more than 500 kinds of various packaging machinery products, and the packaging experience of thousands of products has been accumulated. Various products are becoming more and more perfect. Among them, vertical packaging machines, automatic weighing machines, full-automatic vacuum packaging machines, secondary packaging machines and heavy bag packaging machines have signed global procurement strategic plans with a number of world top 500 enterprises. Zhengyuan has provided thousands of packaging solutions to customers around the world. Such as: seeds, nuts, pesticides, tea, quick-frozen food, dumplings, hot pot seasoning, flour, milk powder, hardware, bean sprouts, coffee, food additives, rice, yeast, waterproof coating, chemical products, whole plant logistics line, bag in bag packaging, etc. Typical customers such as Unilever (Omo), Procter & Gamble group (p&g), YIHAI KERRY, Beidahuang rice Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Xiaofeiyang catering company, Dongfang Yuhong Technology Co., Ltd., Dayi tea group, Tianjin Hangu saltworks Co., Ltd., Sinopec Baling Branch, Sanquan food, Shuanghui Co., Ltd., Japan Asahi contract Co., Ltd., Israel Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. and other well-known companies at home and abroad.