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The market of full-automatic vacuum packaging machine is still promising

日期:2017-8-5 17:12:13 人气:

The epidemic has been going on for nearly two years. It has brought disaster and pain, but at the same time, some commodities have encountered a way out due to the situation. For example, the sales of convenience food have increased. The vacuum packaging machine market, which is closely related to it, has also been stained with light.

There is no doubt that the food industry is a very strong part of the world economy, as is the case in the field of vacuum packaging machines. Statistics show that the food packaging industry is the largest buyer of vacuum packaging machines, accounting for 70% of the market. The second is electronic goods (IC, chip, circuit board, etc.), which accounts for 20% of the purchase volume of vacuum packaging machines.

Steadily rising

The so-called vacuum packaging machine, as its name implies, is a device that discharges air and then packs it. Of course, the vacuum equipment must be used. Among them, in food and other special industries, the vacuum pump should be oil-free dry pump.

From a historical point of view, China's vacuum packaging machine was developed in the early 1980s. By the 1990s, the number of relevant manufacturers had grown to more than 3000. In recent years, the vacuum packaging machine industry has been steadily rising.

Driving effect

Vacuum packaging machines are widely used. In addition to the food and electronic industries mentioned above, vacuum packaging machines are also used in many fields, such as chemical industry, pharmacy, biology, hardware, military and so on.

In fact, the development of vacuum packaging machine also affects many other industries. Because product packaging should first attract the attention of customers. For example, the food industry, electronic products industry and so on all need high-quality vacuum packaging machinery to make the best packaging for these products, so that these products can be found by customers at first sight after entering the domestic and foreign markets, and can be deeply impressed under the guidance of the visual system, thus reflecting the branding of the enterprise.

Lack of innovation

At present, the technical content of vacuum packaging machines in the world is continuously improving. Many foreign vacuum packaging machine manufacturers have applied advanced technology to the production of equipment.

However, the technical content of some existing vacuum machinery products in China is not very high, and there is a certain gap with foreign equipment. It is understood that the proportion of research and development expenses applied to the vacuum packaging machine industry in China is only about 1%.

Nowadays, China's vacuum packaging market is booming. In order to improve market competitiveness, relevant enterprises should constantly innovate, keep pace with the times, update and upgrade equipment to meet the needs of more users.

As mentioned above, vacuum packaging machines and their application fields are complementary and interdependent. Take the food industry as an example. The convenience food market is booming, so there is a demand for vacuum packaging equipment; The improvement and improvement of vacuum packaging equipment has also promoted the improvement of the quality and grade of convenient food... Therefore, the innovation of vacuum packaging equipment is of great significance, which is not only conducive to the vigorous development of this industry, but also plays a positive role in stimulating other related industries.

Broad prospects

With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the application of vacuum packaging technology will be more and more widely, and the type, style, performance and quality of vacuum packaging equipment will be changed and improved.

From the current situation, the vacuum packaging machine should realize large-scale, continuous and intelligent, improve the packaging speed and quality, adapt to the packaging of more types of materials, and improve the packaging varieties and the preservation time of materials.