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Cold chain standardization construction relies on more advanced food packaging machinery

日期:2021-7-9 11:57:58 人气:

Benefiting from the rise of fresh e-commerce industry, China's cold chain logistics market has exploded in an all-round way. However, with the development of China's cold chain logistics industry, there have been pain points such as small scale, limited technology and lack of unified standards for a long time. Especially in terms of standardization, the non-uniform standards have led to low overall efficiency, high cold chain costs and unstable quality of fresh products.

The opinions on accelerating the development of cold chain logistics, ensuring food safety and promoting consumption upgrading issued by the general office of the State Council proposed to accelerate the improvement of cold chain logistics standards and service specification system, and formulate and revise a number of mandatory cold chain logistics standards.

The standardization construction of the cold chain logistics industry requires not only national guidance, but also the downstream enterprise of the cold chain logistics industry - food packaging machinery industry to promote the standardization construction of the cold chain logistics.

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