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Big bag packaging machine

Full auto PP Pig Fodder bag packing machine


Published date:11-23-2022

Summary:Full auto PP Pig Fodder bag packing machine, after the equipment is manually placed in the bag roll, it can realize automatic bag making, automatic bag supply, automatic bag loading, automatic bag opening, automatic detection, automatic weighing, automatic filling, automatic packaging, automatic label delivery, high degree of automation.

  • Product Description
  • Full auto PP Pig Fodder bag packing machine

    1. Equipment composition
    The main components of the automatic packaging unit:
    1.1Servo packing scale (optional)
    1.2Fully automatic packaging unit
    1.3Automatic bag making machine
    1.4 Combination sewing machine assembly
    1.5Automatic lift conveyor
    1.6Packaging unit control system

    2.Technical parameters:

    2.1 Main machine dimension mm 6208.5×3672.5×2191
    2.2 Machine machine power AC380V±10%,50Hz,3phase,5wires,12kW,
    grounding form:TN-S
    2.3 Max packing speed (660~720)bags per hour
    2.4 Packing weight (50-70)kg
    2.5 Working pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
    2.6 Air compressor capacity 10m3/h(0.5MPa)
    2.7 Material temperature 0°~40°
    2.8 Working temperature 0°~40°
    2.9 noise level ≤80dB(A)
    2.10 Dust removal wind pressure -0.01~-0.03bar
    2.11 Dust removal air volume V=40m3/min(adjustable)
    2.12 Bag type Roll of pp bag
    2.13 Bag material Non-coated woven bag
    2.14 Label size L97mm×W57mm,kraft paper
    2.15 Bag size(roll pp bag) Diameter(mm):≤1200mm:
    2.16 Bag closing type Sewing machine,folding machine
    2.17 applicant Soybean meal, poultry feed,etc.


    3.1. The weighing unit of the packaging machine is an optional product.
    3.2. The roll bag requires uniform and equidistant printing, and the font color must have a significant color difference with the bag body color.
    3.3. The roll bag is placed outside the door of the electric control cabinet on the second floor to open, and the bag roll is placed in the door of the electric control cabinet on the first floor to open.

    4.1. Fully automatic PP Woven Bag Feeding Packaging Machine, after the equipment is manually placed in the bag roll, it can realize automatic bag making, automatic bag supply, automatic bag loading, automatic bag opening, automatic detection, automatic weighing, automatic filling, automatic packaging, automatic label delivery, high degree of automation.
    4.2. The specially developed woven bag making machine adopts the continuous bag feeding method of automatic winding, automatic cutting, hemming, sewing and automatic bag feeding of the woven bag tube, which can quickly, stably and reliably provide packaging machine bags and Open the bag.
    4.3. Friendly man-machine interface design, using touch screen and PLC programmable control system, the man-machine interface display operation is clearer, simpler and more user-friendly. The equipment has a fault self-checking function, and faults can be quickly eliminated according to the touch screen prompts.
    4.4. The equipment has high safety, adopts a closed structure, and is equipped with an interlocking device. If the staff enters the equipment, the equipment will automatically stop and alarm, and the equipment can be restarted after manual confirmation and reset.
    4.5. The unique patented woven bag opening technology makes the bag opening stable and reliable.
    4.6. The transmission mechanism adopts the mode of servo motor and gear transmission to ensure flexible, accurate and fast completion of each action.
    4.7. The unique automatic lifting conveyor adopts single-point drive and four-point vertical lifting, with a wide range of lifting heights, accurate and stable lifting, and strong bearing capacity.
    4.8. The weighing system adopts advanced measurement structure, specially designed three sensors, scientific and reasonable layout, so that the weighing bucket can bear reasonable force, which greatly improves the stability and anti-interference ability of the equipment.

    5. Introduction of the main packaging machine
    5.1 packaging machine components
    5.2 Fully automatic bag making unit
    The fully automatic bag making unit is composed of a bag feeding mechanism, a bag injection mechanism, a rubbing hot cutting assembly, a conveying mechanism, a folding and seaming mechanism and a bag feeding mechanism.
    The whole automatic bag making unit is controlled by servo motor, which ensures the precision and control of the bag making process.
    The specially designed pre-tightening bagging mechanism cooperates with the servo motor to precisely control the entire bag-shooting process, effectively improving the yield of bag-making and reducing material waste in the bag-making process for customers.
    Double folding and seam mechanism, the bag mouth is folded twice continuously during the folding process, so that the strength and sealing of the bag mouth are doubled, and the possibility of leakage of the bag mouth is eliminated.
    5.3 Bag feeding device
    The bag feeding mechanism is mainly used to suck up the woven bag horizontally placed on the bag preparation platform during the continuous production process and rotate it 90 degrees to send it to the position of the bag clamping and bag opening mechanism. , the bag feeding mechanism is reset, and so on.
    5.4 Flip door shrinking and bag opening device
    When the bag feeding device transports the woven bag to the shrinking and clamping station, the sensor on the bag feeding machine senses the position of the bag, and sends out the completion signal of feeding the bag. Hold the bag mouth. At the same time, shrink and open the bag and discharge.
    d. Bag holding device
    In the process of material filling, the pallet of the bag holding mechanism moves upward to hold the bag and bear the packaging weight of the material. After the material is filled, the holding plate moves to hold the bag filled with material, and at the same time, the clamping plate clamps the bag mouth flat, and then pushes the cylinder to move the bag from the unloading station to the clamping mouth for shaping.
    5.5 Grip shaping
    The main function of this mechanism is to introduce the woven bags filled with materials to the finished product conveyor and enter the sewing station. The belt of the clip shaping bag guide is driven by a servo motor to meet different speed and sewing requirements.
    5.6 Vacuum generator
    The vacuum source of the packaging machine is provided by the vacuum generator:
    g buffer bucket
    For connecting belt scales to automatic packaging machines
    5.7 Control Panel
    All actions of the packaging machine are controlled on this panel.

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