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Secondary packaging machine

Secondary Packing Machine


Published date:11-24-2022


  • Product Description
  • Secondary packing machine


    This is a complete secondary packing line,includes primary packaging machine, connecting conveyor,automatic bag baler packing machine,take-off conveyor, suitable for baler the small bags into big plastic bag in a certain order.Can be used for different kinds of granule or powder products when equipped with different dosing machine,such as:salt,sugar,rice,seasoning powder,etc.

    1.The front two sets automatic primary packaging machine own functions of weighing,filling,bag-making,sealing,cutting,date printing,etc.used for packing bulk material in bags.
    2.The connecting conveyor includes the converge conveyor to receive finished bags from primary packaging machines and climbing conveyor to send bags to baler packing machine.
    3.The baler packing machine own functions of bag dropping, bag-making,sealing,cutting,date printing,etc.used for packing primary packaging bags into big plastic bag in a certain order.

    4.all the primary packaging machine and baler packing machine adopts international famous brand components, like Siemens PLC&touch screen, Omron temperature controller,Panasonic servo driver,Airtac/SMC pneumatic components,Schneider electrical components,etc. Works stable.
    5.Minimize labor costs, improve packaging efficiency, and promote factory automation


    Technical parameters:
    Packaging range:70-120Bags/Min
    Bag Materials:Laminated film or LDPE film
    Packing speed:80~90 primary bags/min
    Ranking form:single row laying/ double row laying/Three row laying
    Compressed air:0.4~0.6MPa
    Power:380V±10% 50Hz 20kw

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